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I enjoy writing code to solve a problem or automate repetitive tasks. Where possible I publish my tools in case they are helpful to others.

This page links to the tool repository and relevant blog post.

Metasploit Contributions #

Office365UserEnum #

Group Policy Preference Password Finder (GP3Finder) #

DS_Store Parser #

ESEDBxtract #

Raw2Proxy #

SNMP Get System OID #

Quick script to grab the system description using SNMP community string.

Decompress git #

Small script to iterate through a directory and decompress every file. Useful when a .git directory has been retrieved from a web server so it can be grep’d for sensitive information.

Download #

Small script to download “left” and “found” hashes from


Small script to convert a png file to a multisize ico file. (Adapted from work of others.)

Hashcatter #

Wrapper around hashcat and ophcrack. (Dead project ~2013)